Why loose leaf tea?

Ever wonder why some tea tastes so much better? The secret may be loose tea. From richer flavors to health benefits and sustainability, discover why loose tea is worth the switch.

6 Reasons Why Loose Tea is Better

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Higher quality

One of the most compelling reasons to choose loose tea is the superior quality it often offers compared to tea bags. Loose tea usually consists of whole or partially broken tea leaves, which have a richer and more complex flavor and aroma. These leaves have room to fully expand during brewing, resulting in a fuller and deeper flavor.

Tea bags, on the other hand, often contain finely ground tea leaves, also called "tea dust." These smaller particles can lose their flavor and aroma more quickly, resulting in a less flavorful tea. Additionally, tea bags can sometimes also contain bleaches and other chemicals that further reduce the quality of the tea.

No Microplastics

At a time when sustainability and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important, it's good to know that loose tea can be a plastic-free option. Many tea bags are made of or contain plastic, which is not only bad for the environment, but can also release microplastics into your tea.

Loose tea, on the other hand, does not require a bag. You can use a stainless steel tea filter or a teapot to brew your tea, which means there is no risk of consuming microplastics. This makes loose tea a more environmentally friendly and healthier choice.

Loose Tea Tastes Better

When it comes to taste, loose tea is often superior to bagged tea. This is because loose tea usually consists of whole or partially broken tea leaves that better retain their essential oils and aromas. These oils are the key to a rich, full flavor and complex aroma.

Unlike loose tea, tea bags often contain finely ground tea leaves that oxidize more quickly and lose their flavor. Additionally, tea bags can limit how much the tea leaves can expand, resulting in a less flavorful infusion.

Loose Tea is Healthier and Contains No Added Sugar

Loose tea is not only tastier, but also healthier. Because loose tea is often of higher quality, it contains more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. In addition, many types of loose tea have medicinal properties, such as the ability to reduce stress, improve digestion or strengthen the immune system.

Another important benefit is that loose tea does not contain added sugars or artificial flavors, which are often found in commercial tea bags. This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to limit their sugar intake or simply want a more natural option.


Preparing and drinking loose leaf tea is not only a way to enjoy a delicious beverage, but it can also be a very enriching and meditative experience. From carefully measuring the tea leaves to observing their dance in the hot water, every aspect of tea making can be a moment of peace and mindfulness.

In addition, loose tea offers the opportunity to experiment with different blends and strengths. You can create your own unique combinations and create the perfect cup of tea that suits your exact taste preferences. This level of personalization is something you simply cannot achieve with pre-filled tea bags.


In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of human activities on the environment, choosing loose tea is a step towards sustainability. Loose tea is often sold in bulk, which means less packaging is required. This not only reduces waste, but also saves on the energy and materials required for production and transportation.

In addition, there are many options for organic and fair trade loose tea, which are both more environmentally friendly and ethical. And because you can usually infuse loose tea multiple times, this also reduces the total number of tea leaves you need, which in turn leads to less waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Reuse Loose Tea?

Yes, one of the advantages of loose tea is that you can often infuse the leaves several times. The exact amount depends on the type of tea and your personal taste preferences. In general, high-quality loose tea leaves can be infused 2 to 3 times without significant loss of flavor.

What to Do with Loose Tea?

Loose tea is not only great to drink, but it has other uses as well. You can use it in cooking recipes, as a natural scented sachet, or even as a skin care product in the form of a facial steam bath. The possibilities are endless and provide a great way to express your creativity.

How Often to Use Loose Tea?

The frequency with which you can use loose tea depends on the quality and type of tea. In general, high-quality tea leaves can be infused multiple times, while cheaper varieties may only provide one good infusion. It's always a good idea to experiment to see what works best for you.

Which Loose Tea is the Best?

The "best" loose tea is subjective and depends on your personal preferences, including the flavors and aromas that appeal to you most. However, it is generally advisable to opt for organic options when possible, as they are often of higher quality and produced more sustainably. A tea like this is our jasmine oolong .

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