Tea in the Hospitality Industry: The Rise of Loose Tea

We are ready to support you in choosing delicious teas to serve in your establishment, perfecting and innovating your tea menu, or determining the right brewing method for each tea. Our range includes a wide range of different loose teas. Below you will learn more about why loose leaf tea would be a good choice for your customers.

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Why Loose Tea in the Hospitality Industry?

Loose tea has been loved by home users for some time, but it is starting to gain popularity in the catering industry. More and more restaurants, cafes and tea houses are offering an extensive selection of loose teas as an alternative to traditional tea bags. Why is loose tea such a hit in the catering industry and how can you offer it in a professional way?

  1. Superior Taste : One of the main reasons for the popularity of loose tea in the catering industry is its superior taste. The tea leaves can fully unfold in the hot water, releasing the full flavor and aroma of the tea. This creates a more satisfying tea experience for guests.

  2. Variation : Loose tea offers unprecedented variation possibilities. From green tea to black tea, from herbal teas to fruit infusions, there is something for everyone. This enables catering entrepreneurs to offer an extensive selection and meet the taste preferences of their guests.

  3. Sustainability : Loose tea is often packaged in environmentally friendly materials, such as paper or cardboard, while traditional tea bags often contain plastic. By serving loose tea, catering businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and become more sustainable.

How do you serve loose tea in the catering industry?

To serve loose tea in a professional manner, there are some essential steps:

  1. Quality Teapot and Tea Filter : Invest in porcelain or ceramic teapots with wide openings to accommodate the tea leaves. Also use high-quality tea filters to prevent leaves from ending up in the tea.

  2. The Right Water Temperature : The ideal temperature for brewing loose tea varies by type. Maintain a temperature of 90-95 degrees Celsius and use a kettle with temperature control if necessary.

  3. Infusion time : Each type of loose tea has a specific infusion time. For example, green tea has a shorter infusion time than black tea. Make sure you follow the recommended infusion times for the best possible taste.

The right teapot and tea filter

A good teapot is made of porcelain or ceramic and has a wide opening for placing the tea leaves. A tea filter ensures that the tea leaves do not end up in the tea.

Here are some tips for choosing the right teapot and tea filter:

  • Teapot: Choose a teapot that is large enough for the number of cups of tea you want to serve. The pot should also have a wide opening so that the tea leaves can expand properly.
  • Tea filter: Choose a tea filter that is made of fine material, such as metal or paper. This prevents tea leaves from ending up in the tea.

tea in the catering industry

The right tea temperature

The ideal temperature for brewing loose tea is 90-95 degrees Celsius. At a lower temperature the tea will not steep properly and the taste will not be optimal. At a higher temperature the tea can become bitter.

      Tips for catering entrepreneurs

      As a catering entrepreneur, you can make the transition to loose tea go smoothly by following the following tips:

      • Start with a modest selection of loose teas to discover what your guests appreciate.
      • Offer an extensive selection of teas to suit various taste preferences.
      • Present loose tea in an attractive way, with elegant tea sets and decorations.
      • Explain the different types of loose tea and their unique properties to help guests learn and appreciate them.


      Loose tea is an emerging trend in the hospitality industry that offers guests a refined tea experience. Serving loose leaf tea professionally can set you apart from competitors and create a memorable experience for your guests. It is not only tasty, but also environmentally friendly and versatile - a win-win for your catering business and your customers. Enjoy the wonderful world of loose tea!

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